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Why We do What We Do

Families are the best, but finding a game for everyone is tough. Some like to play simple and light hearted games, other like to play deep complex day long campaigns, and there never seems to be any middle ground. 

We were tired of not having great games to play with everyone in our family. Nothing is worse than being stuck at a gaming table held prisoner to Catan, or numbed out your mind trying to discover the strategy behind Go Fish.

Worse still is family get togethers devoid of cohesive fun as people go their own ways. It’s like hanging out, without actually hanging out.

Well, we wanted something different. We design games that can be played by the entire family. Games that are simple and lightweight, yet have a depth of strategy to keep the masterminds entertained.  A game where your sister with the attention span of a gold fish likes it just as much as your brother who is obsessed with painting figurines and rolling dice for hours a day. We designed games for the family, because we are families that game, and nothing is better than that.