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Crafting Board Game Harmony for Every Family

At Tone Deaf Bards, we’re not just one family of nerds; we’re a harmonious cacophony of individuals who appreciate the beauty of in-person, family-centric fun. Nestled in Indy, our little corner of the world is where the laughter of diverse families blends seamlessly with the clatter of dice and the shuffle of cards. We may not share a surname, but we share a passion for crafting memorable experiences that resonate with the rhythm of family togetherness. And yes, while our name might suggest a penchant for melody, rest assured, we’re bards who pride ourselves on being perfectly off-key – in games, in laughter, and in life. Welcome to our whimsical world where family bonding meets the joy of not quite hitting the right note!

Our Journey Begins in Indy

Founded with the dream of bringing families together through the power of play, Tone Deaf Bards is more than just a board game company – it’s a creative haven where unique ideas come to life. We take pride in our connection to a network of diverse local game stores, forming a tapestry of support for the gaming culture thriving in our area. Our mission goes beyond crafting unique board games; we are dedicated to promoting and enriching the gaming culture right here in Indy. Join us as we blend the joy of family gatherings with the lively beat of Indy’s gaming community, creating experiences that resonate far beyond the game table. 

Our Mission: More Games, More Joy

At Tone Deaf Bards, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Our mission is to craft a myriad of games, ensuring that there’s something special for anyone. We understand that each family is unique, and so are their preferences. Our games range from light-hearted and accessible to deep and strategic, providing options for every taste and occasion.

Quality Over Quantity

While our goal is to create a wide array of games, we stand firm in our commitment to quality. Heck, our team is made out of a Six Sigma Champion and two engineers!

We believe in the essence of each game, ensuring that it resonates with players on a deeper level. Our philosophy is simple – it’s not about creating a single game that tries to make everyone happy; it’s about offering a diverse collection where every game is crafted with care, passion, and a touch of the Tone Deaf Bards magic.

Join Us on the Journey

As we continue to grow and create, we invite you to join us on this exciting adventure. Explore our collection, discover games that resonate with your family’s unique rhythm, and embark on a journey of joy and connection. At Tone Deaf Bards, we’re not just crafting board games; we’re crafting memories, one game at a time.

Thank you for being a part of our story.

-The Bards