Custom Unsung Heroes ID Card



Make your own card by uploading your own image, picking your own starting roll, and choosing your own title and colors.

To select one of the standard background colors, click on the top right of left corner of the card so that the color editor appears. If you want a custom color, you need so add a custom background color in the designs tab. Then you can select any color.

In the Designs tab, you will find all the characters and all the starting rolls. To make your own starting roll, click on the bonus. This will add the symbol to the center of the card. Drag the Symbol to the Starting Roll Scroll.

Once you are finished designing your card, go through the checkout processes (it’s free!). The system will send you a link for download or take you back to this page depending on the link you click. If it brings you back to this page, check the top left of the screen for a download button.



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