Unsung Heroes: Combining Games

With the addition of Unsung Heroes: Court of the Pixie Queen, more depth can be added to the game. You have 3 basic options when it comes to combining the games. These are Mix and Matching, The 5-8 Player Expansion, and Deck Designing. It is recommended to use card sleeves for the 5-8 Player Expansion and Deck Designing as it will require printing cards.

PLEASE NOTE: This section is an experimental rules outline for how to combine Unsung Heroes games. While an official expansion is in the pipeline, these are our prototype rules. All of them are subject to change upon the official release of the expansion. 

Updated: 20OCT2023

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Mix and Matching

This is the most basic and easiest way to get started. The idea behind it is to shuffle together all 16 treasures and all the Pixies and Rats. You then play a normal game, but now it is harder to predict what you may find. 

There are a few ideas to keep in mind, however.

First, pick if you want to fight the King Rat or the Pixie Queen. Place that card facedown in the middle of the table. 

Second, decide on if you want to fight the Line Leader Pixie. If so, put her to the side. If not, put her back into the box. Make sure she goes back into the box before any other card. 

Third, shuffle together all other minion cards. Draw 4 (3 if using the Line Leader) facedown and place on top of The Boss. Put the Line Leader on top of the deck if applicable. 

Then shuffle together all 16 Treasure Cards. Draw 8 face down and place next to the Minions. Put the rest back in the box. 

Finally, choose your characters and play a game as normal. All the Characters are balanced with each other and so it is fine to play Betty vs Alfred, for example. 

5-8 Player Expansion

Playing with 5-8 players requires extra cards. You can download our draft expansion cards here:

Note: As these are prototype cards, balance could be an issue. If you have any suggestions on card ideas, please comment below.

For every additional player beyond 4, follow these steps:

-Add 1 more Minion to the Minion Deck

-Add 2 more Treasures to the Treasure Deck

-Add a single Expansion Common Card and Player Card for your character to your Character Deck. You get to choose which Common Card and which Player Card.  

For Example, if playing with 6 players, there would be 6 Minions plus The Boss, 12 Treasure Cards, and you would have 19 total cards in your Character Deck (12 total Common, 7 Player Cards). 

If you are unsure how many minions or treasures to include, there should be 1 Minion and 2 Treasures for every player. if you end each round with 5 or less cards each round, you should also draw the final 2 cards of your deck on The Boss round. 

As rounds in an 8 player game can take some time, make sure to keep track of your score and keep your turns snappy!

Deck Designing and Drafting

For this, you will also need the draft expansion cards. 

Note: As these are prototype cards, balance could be an issue. If you have any suggestions on card ideas, please comment below.

This format works well for 2-4 players. It can work up to 7 players, but loses some of its charm. 

The idea behind this game mode is to craft your deck to your playstyle. 

First, choose your character. Then lay out all their 15 official cards and 8 Draft Expansion cards. 

If the game size is 2-4 players, create a deck as follows:

-Your Gold Card

-Your Nope

-9 other Common Cards

-4 Player Cards

For each player over 4, choose an additional Common Card and Player Card. 

You should finish designing your decks at the same time. No waiting to see what other people do to make your deck!

The Draft Expansion Cards

Common Cards

Sticks and stones my break my bones, but words will never hurt me. But sometimes Minions do. So the new common items are your med kit. 

The best thing about med kits is that they are flexible. A band aid can be used to cover a wound, or as emotional support. Or if you are like my toddler, a fashion statement. 

These new items provide you with any bonus you need. One that I am really interested in is the Safe Start. When you play it, you gain a +1. However, if someone plays a on one of your dice, you can discard Safe Start to prevent it.

Please note that unlike a Nope, you need to decide to discard Safe Start before the happens.

Also, Safe Starts only work on and not cards such as Jerry’s Gold Card that rerolls all dice.


Alfred internalizes the fact he is the author of the rules and decide to assert his authorship. His new cards all revolve around the ways he can bend the rules to his favor makes some exciting new strategies. 

Well, Ackshually always makes me laugh. It is his way to fight for ties and win. Any time he is tied for any score, he get’s a +1 token. This even happens outside of his turn. Only a maximum of 5, though. He is fair after all. 

Speaking of fair, Fair Fight is played before any other card is played in a round. It sets everyone’s starting dice to 4. This way everyone’s dice can be nice and equal. It is his nice theoretical version the start of a round come true. 

None Shall Pass is a brutal card if you time it correctly. Fight tooth and nail for a rat only to be beat. But you know, just know, your opponent only has their Gold Card Left… well… better to win by a mile than an inch Wanda always says.

Old School is a card that was in his original kit before we launched the game. It had been traded out for Game Theory, but now seems like a good time to bring it out. 


Wanda loves her dice, and rolling a lot of dice is fun and all, but sometimes you want to do things with your dice. I mean, Wanda is a wizard, and wizards do cool stuff with dice. Right?

Two Is My Favorite Color gives her “exploding 2’s.” This means that after she plays this card, any new dice she rolls for the round will generate another die on a 1 or a 2. Blue dice have a 50% chance to make more blue dice. Have fun =)

Practice Make Familiar shores up one of Wanda’s weaknesses. Wanda hates playing for tiebreakers. Her cards have high potential and it is unfun to waste all of that if someone beats you by a single point. As such, this card gives you 2x +3 tokens that can be used on any future turn or round. Now if someone beats you by 1, you can beat them with a token instead of more dice. 

Clean Your Room is is a neat card. Wanda tends to have a lot of dice that are high in value, and a lot of dice that are low in value. This card can even out those scores to make you less vulnerable to rerolls. Or maybe reduce your White Dice to 1s while increasing your Blue Dice to 4? Or maybe pump up your Purple Die to a 12? 

NOTE: Your score after rearranging values should not change. Clearly count and state the value of all your dice before rearranging and then again after to ensure you have the same value.



Jerry needs more swaps. But not just only swaps, more ways to play mind games with his swaps. His Jerry needs to be More Jerry.

Object of Desire is a strange card. You place it under any die…. and nothing happens. However, sometime in the future, you can discard Object of Desire to swap the die. Because the swap happens from discarding an already played card, it cannot be Noped.

Note: If the die you played it on is either , , , or otherwise changed (like with Karl’s Forge), then you put Object of Desire back in your hand. This also applies for if the round ends as all dice are discarded at the end of the round. 

Devil’s Advocate gives Jerry a much needed die set to 1. It sounds strange, but sometimes rolling high on Jerry is bad. What do you use to swap? Well, here it is. 

Similarly, I Came, I Saw, I Swapped gives him a very nice die to share with while also ensuring everyone at the table get’s to partake in the swapping fun. 


Tilda is all about reusing items that people throw away. Upcycling is a thing and she is really good at it. Therefore, she got more chances to use it. 

Her cards don’t have any new mechanics added to them, but I would like to point out that she finally got to play with all her rat friends in Rat Pack. Good on her. 


Betty’s new cards really lean into her cooking abilities with the Break, , and Upgrade, , abilities. You need to break a few eggs to make an omelette and Betty enjoys the whole process. 

Whipped Cream is probably now her best card. Being able to break,  her starting die into 2 Blue Dice, and then Upgrade both those dice into White Dice is a fantastic way to increase your score. 

Kneading More gives her more Breaks. These are very valuable for her, but we are hoping that by giving her more, Betty might consider using them offensively. Breaks can target any die, and so it might be better to go after high valued White Dice.

With Preheated and her original card, Might Makes Right, Betty should have no issue getting her Rage passive flowing. 


Karl’s cards focus on helping him Forge more, and more efficiently. 

Autodidcatic Prodigy let’s you Forge with 3 of your dice regardless of their value. Considering that you start off with a die and that this gives you a die, that means you only need something as small as a Skipping Stone to forge! Or you know, perhaps an Oopsie Rat?

Augmented Fortune is a flexible card. Once you roll all 3 dice, you have a choice to make: You can either keep the highest, or you can keep the ones that let your Forge most efficiently. It might be wise to take the dice that let’s you Forge exactly even over higher valued dice as your chances of being Noped are less. 

Authenticated Bartering introduces a new mechanic called Research. The idea is that if you really need an exact number in order to Forge, so why not trade out this variable card for that? 


Greg’s cards give more of what is really needed in the world: cheesy puns. Oh, and they also give him his only card that rolls a die and includes a reroll. Something quite stunning for Greg.


Ellen’s cards help her stuff more. Because how else is she going to take over the world?

They also poke more fun at Tilda letting her stuff more Item cards.  

All Ye Playtesters

We would love to hear your experience with these cards. If you play a game with them, please let us know in the comments below!



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