Unsung Heroes: Court of the Pixie Queen

Unsung Heroes is a story of a group of misfits trying to find their place in the world. Designed by lifelong nerds looking for good games to play with their non nerd family and friends. The Original and the Court of the Pixie Queen are fully interchangeable. You can mix up treasures from both sets and play as a hero from the original against a hero from the expansion. If you want, you can also shuffle the minions together and choose 4 to play. 

What People Say

The Heroes

Unsung Heroes: Court of the Pixie Queen features characters that have advanced mechanics compared to the original game. However, the games are balanced with each other and fully compatible. Each character in Unsung Heroes: Court of the Pixie Queen has rules or abilities which let them generate tokens for a more nuanced play style with a larger decision space. 

Betty Black

Betty hates rolling 1s. Every time she does, she rages and gets an Angry Betty Token. Angry Betty Tokens give her a static bonus, but can also be used to reroll her dice. 

Being incredibly strong, she can also break dice. She can smash six or eight sided dice into four sided dice. 

Dr. Karl Karver

Karl plays his own game and makes his own gold. He can take cards and dice valued at 10 or greater and forge them into a Gold Bar token. Gold Bars give him and immediate and lasting bonus. 

Though his starting roll is only a four sided die, he get’s his Lucky Coin worth +2. 

Greg St. Gouda

Greg’s cards give him a lot of dice. However, Greg isn’t about tempting fate and trying his luck. He has Faith. His cards give him dice set to specific values. 

While this doesn’t seem dynamic, Greg also tithes in the name of cheese. Tithes decrease the value of other player’s dice, and increase the value of his own. Greg tends to lean to quality of die rather than quantity. 

Ellen Degenerate

Ellen is the most unique character of Unsung Heroes. She has a ban of puppets that give her bonuses. When she discards cards after each round, she stuffs them into her puppets. She can then discards cards from the puppets to gain abilities. 

Ellen can be an absolute monster with her puppets. They give her an unrivaled action economy. 

Combine with the Original!

The characters of Unsung Heroes: Court of the Pixie Queen are fully compatible with those of the original Unsung Heroes. Click the button below to learn how to mix and match characters!

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