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Here are answers to some common questions about specific character interactions. If you still need help after reading the below, leave a comment and we can help get your question answered!

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    Line Leader Pixie Questions

    Question: Oh! Me first! Can I draw a card even if the player has seven cards in hand?

    Answer: During Rounds 1-4, no. During the final round, there is no hand size limit.

    Treasure Questions​

    Question: How does the Pixie Dust work? Do I sprinkle it and my opponent sneezes out a card?

    Answer: Just about. Choose a card at random and play it for them. They gain all the bonuses and not you. If you play their Nope, the Nope is played without an effect (treasures cannot be noped).

    Tilda Questions​

    Question: I used my Gold Card to replay 2 Octa Stone cards. Can those dice be rerolled?

    Answer: You can reoll your own dice, but no one else can reroll your Gold Card dice.

    Because the Octa Stones were played from your Gold Card, no one else can reroll them, swap them, or manipulate them in any way. Also, just to be perfectly clear, since your Gold Card lets you play 2 cards, those cards connot be Noped.

    You can choose to reroll your dice or, if you have the means, swap them. If Gold Card Protected die leaves your control, it is no longer protected.

    Jerry Questions

    Question: My Gold Card lets me reroll all dice. Yet somehow I have all the high dice and everyone else has low numbers… do I really have to?

    Answer: No. You do not need to use all abilities on a card.

    Question: I just rerolled everyone’s dice with my Gold Card. They can’t reroll their own dice now because they are Gold Card Protected, right? Right?

    Answer: Nice try, but no. Hard No.

    Only dice generated by the Gold Card are protected. Since you rerolled dice and did not generate them, they do not gain the protection.

    However, the red die generated from your Gold Card is protected. And to reiterate my comment from Tilda, if you swap your Gold Card protected die, it is no longer protected.

    Betty Questions

    Question: If I use my Angry Betty Token to reroll a 1, and I get another 1, I get more Rage?

    Answer: Yup. You can get another Angry Betty Token or flip a Happy Betty Token.

    Question: What if I my Gold Card protected die? Would I have 2 Gold Card protected dice?

    Answer: Yup. Sure would. 

    Karl Questions

    Question: What happens if I remove 12 points of dice to Forge them into a Gold Bar?

    Answer: You would have 10 points in gold, and two points would be wasted. But it can be worth it in an early round.

    Question: But I can also use Gold Bars that are flipped to show +1 to Forge?

    Answer: Yes.

    Question: And if I discard a die to the Barter Pixie to gain a +4 token, that +4 token can also be used to Forge?

    Answer: Yes.

    Question: If I am playing a game with the Technocratic Rat, or another minion that gives a static powerup… Can I Forge with it?

    Answer: Yes, you can forge the Technocratic Rat into a Gold Bar. However, you would lose the +2 bonus it provided for the rest of the game.

    Greg Questions

    Question: I want to use my Tithe, and my opponents has a die not at 1 and a die at 1. Do I have to use it on the die not at 1, or can I use it on the die at 1 so that I can get a Cheese Token?

    Answer: Your choice.

    Question: Can I lower the value of Gold Card protected dice with my Gold Card?

    Answer: No. No ability an effect an opponent’s Gold Card protected Dice. 

    Ellen Questions

    Question: If I use one of my Puppets instead of playing a card. Is it my opponent’s turn?

    Answer: Yes. Activating a Puppet counts as an action.

    Question: What about when I play my Gold Card?

    Answer: The Gold Card lets you use all your puppets at once, in any order you choose. Playing the Gold Card and using the bonuses all count as one action.

    Question: I play my Gold Card and gain a Blue die. I then stuff my Gold Card into the puppet that gives me the Blue die, and next turn I use it to make another Blue die. Since I made a Blue die with a Gold Card, is it protected?

    Answer: No. The only protected die from your gold card is the one generated from activating all 4 of your puppets. Gaining a die by discarding a Gold Card from a puppet does not gain protection. 

    Question: What if I  or on my Gold Card protected die? 

    Answer: Even though the physical die is changed, the die still retains Gold Card Protection. It is only if it leaves your control does it lose protection. 

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    2 Responses

    1. Can you use the same action on a card every turn or only once per card (i.e. Greg’s face card let’s him reduce a die by one and increase another one by one, can he do that every time it’s his turn or only once per round)?

      1. The symbols on the Character’s ID cards (or face cards. The ones that have their name and title) can be used once per round. For instance, Greg get’s his white D8 once per round (at the start), and also his ability to ‘tithe’ once per round. The same applies for any Minion Power Ups.

        The symbols from cards you play from your hand are used that turn. You don’t need to use all of them. However, if you don’t use a reroll symbol on a card, you can’t then use that reroll next turn.

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