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Unsung Heroes the game of misfits rolling dice, taking names, and getting sung. 

How to Play

Each Character has an Identity Card that gives them unique starting rolls and passive abilities. All Characters play completely differently, yet are balanced to each other. 

You begin the game with 7 cards in your hand. Each turn you can play a single card, and you can play as many as you want in a round. 

However, you only draw 2 cards at the start of each round. Your your resources wisely. 

The player with the highest score at the end of the round wins! 

The winner get’s a permanent Powerup and a treasure that will help them fight the boss in the last round!

However, just because you win an early round does not secure ultimate victory. only the player who wins the last round wins the game!

Unsung Heroes comes in two flavors: the Original and Court of the Pixie Queen. 

Each game plays the same, but the characters, enemies and treasures are different. 

However, the best thing is that you can combine the game or mix and match your favorite parts!

Get Sung

Unsung Heroes: The Original

Unsung Heroes: Court of the Pixie Queen


Alfred plays a measured game with predictable results. He is simple, yet strong. 

Wanda is go big or go home. She loves to roll dice and is here for the good times. 

Tilda plays reuses her cards and plays from the discard. Her cards are not as strong, but she plays them more often.

Jerry likes to cause chaos by swapping dice and forcing everyone to reroll all their dice.

Betty Hates rolling 1s. Her game play revolves around controlling her rage to reroll her dice.

Karl transforms dice and cards into gold bars that give him immediate and lasting bonuses

Ellen stuffs discarded cards into her puppets to gain a wide array of abilities to gain action economy.

Greg uses his faith to set the value of dice and tithes players to increase his score. 

Unsung Heroes is available for Anyone

We firmly believe that no one should not have access to good games due to the expense. Where able, we make our games available for download. We just ask that is you are not already signed up for our newsletter, to please sign up. 


What kind of Adventurer wouldn’t have a background story?

Alfred Nobelt

Alfred Nobelt, the Martial Theorist, is a bit older than his friends in the group, but don’t let that fool you. What he lacks in youthful exuberance, he more than compensates in wisdom and a steady demeanor. He’s also the author of the instructions to the games!

Alfred has studied martial arts his entire life, he just actually hasn’t done them. Well, except for that one time. As a young lad, he let fist fly and hit a young Betty. He instantly regretted it and started to study on what pain is and how it is caused.

Unknown to his allies, Alfred also has all the forms ready to legally change his name to Alfred Whitebelt, if only he would practice.

Betty Black

Bullied at a young age by Alfred, she made up her mind to never be hurt again. And boy, has she been successful. There is an old saying that if Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy…and if Grandma ain’t happy, run!

With her ubiquitous 6ft rolling pin, Betty has decided she has mastered the kitchen. It is now time for her to master her destiny. She is out to prove that age, and calories, are just numbers. Stale cookies and rolling 1s, beware!

Wanda The Wonderous

Wanda is a wizard, and in a world without magic, she is doing her best. The wildness to Alfred’s Steady, she’s a big hit at birthday parties. With a whole host of tricks up her sleeve, Wanda can create dazzling effects of wonder. Whether it be fire, electricity, or just raw power, Wanda is by far the flashiest of the group.

A former lab partner of Dr. Karl, she is convinced of the existence of magic and is determined to seek it out. Using her skills, she is the first of the group to take down the King Rat, and it is her deeds that inspired Betty, Karl, Ellen, and Greg that they too could reach greatness.

Dr. Karl Karver

Dr. Karl Karver knows a thing or two about getting sung. Granted, it’s never been about him. He is usually stuck in his lab. But he likes to listen to the Bards while waiting for yet another assay.

While listening to the bards sing tales, he overheard a name he hadn’t heard in years. Wanda the Wonderous, his former lab partner, had done something extraordinary. 

Armed with his carrots of gold, his lab coat, and a thirst for discovery, Karl set out to find Wanda, analyze what she had done, and get sung.

Jerry Fat fingers McGee

Jerry is a pure hearted soul that just so happens to love stealth and trickery. After leaving his half brother’s church of cheese, he was convinced to join the Rogue’s Guild. However, stealing has never really suited him and instead he spends his time swapping and causing chaos. Friends often complain of him stealing the glory, but at least they have something to show for it.

Jerry’s weak point is definitely his short attention span. Easily bored, you can sometimes find him editing the rulebook. He knows that it isn’t always the strongest or the fastest that wins. It’s the most cunning and devious that can snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. His confidence knows no bounds.

To Jerry, the most entertaining outcome is the preferred outcome. He is the only character who can swap dice with other players. And he loves every moment of it.

Greg St. Gouda

Greg is as peppy as pepperjack. I mean, look at that cheesy smile. With Greg around, you’ll never be Bleu. I mean, why worry? No one needs luck when you have Faith. Even if you don’t Brie-lieve it, just try it. It’s very Gouda.

Make sure to pay your tithes though. You wouldn’t want to Feta around and find out.

Dr. Tilda O'leary

Whereas the others are trying to get the King Rat, Tilda is trying to save him. Her motto is “cut cheese, not rats” and they are words she lives by. Prodigiously passionate, Tilda earned her doctorate in Ratvocacy at a young age. Since then, she has been sailing the world talking to anyone she can about saving the rats.

Unfortunately, her views are not shared by her friends. Obviously, she still loves them, because it is important to have friends with different opinions; but it does make her job more difficult. Especially with that Ellen around. That’s the college roommate that never seems to go away.

Something about arts and crafts and reduce reuse recycle

Ellen Degenerate

Born Hellen, she long ago developed a passion for saving the animals. But in classic non conformist style, she has her own method to her madness. Even if you do manage to save all the rats, there’s still that pesky thing about mortality. Perservation through taxidermy is so much more effective.

Discovering a knack to use anything and everything as puppet stuffing, Ellen dropped the “H” to her name and used it to create her first rat puppet. Taking the idiom to heart, Ellen marches to her own band. A band made of taxidermied rats.

With a twitch in one eye, and a twinkle in the other, Ellen has set out to get sung, even if she has to sing the chorus herself.

Enemies of Unsung Heroes

At the end of every adventure is the Boss.
And For Unsung Heroes it is no different.

Our Intrepid, yet unsung, group of heroes have several adversaries
they must vanquish if they are to make it to the liar of the King Rat or the Pixie Queen.

King Rat

Presiding over his minions, there is no fiercer threat to beginning adventurers than the King Rat himself.

Armed with his crown, scepter, and cheese knife, this princely pest takes no prisoners, and shows no mercy.

If our heroes can make it to this sovereign squeaker, they will need all the experience, tricks, and treasures they can muster to take down the Lord of Low Lifes.

No regrets Rat

His beginnings were as humble as a piece of pizza at the bottom of a trash can. Larger than his rat brethren, No Regrets Rat is quite content after eating large meals. Primarily cookies.

Don’t let his rotund and happy nature deceive you though. This rat is still a thorn in our heroes’ collective sides.

Don't Sous-Chef Rat

For as much as the No Regrets Rat likes to eat, the Don’t Sous-Chef Rat loves to cook. A symbiotic relationship if there ever was one, these two rats are best friends.

This rat’s dishes, especially his ratatouille are well documented. Despite several sudden extreme digestive responses to his cooking, this sly cook has always managed to avoid legal trouble.

Technocratic Rat

Our beloved Unsung Heroes’ story actually started due to this next evil doer. For each of our team was rejected by their respective guilds in an attempt to jump start their careers.

They have the Technocratic Rat to thank for that. This bureaucratic loving cheese chomper wiggled his way into adventurer’s guilds and rejected a whole slew of potential adventurers.

He even got a double promotion for installing all the red tape!

Oopsie Rat

Some are lucky, and others are just in the wrong place at the wrong time. And a select few are both.

The Oopsie Rat is a front-liner, who liked to steal cheese, and was rather indistinguishable from his fellow rats.

But a fateful day with an up and coming magician changed this rat’s life forever. Half-rat, and half-rabbit, this rat now faces the daily dilemma of dairy or veggie.

Queen Pixie

What ever rats can do, Pixies can do better, and the Pixie Queen can do bestest of all! Born to rule, the Queen will not rest until all are subject to her. There are plans to be had. 

Long Life the Queen!

Line Leader Pixie

Always first for everything, as it is always her turn, the Line Leader Pixie is more than happy to lead her queen’s army. After all, it’s her natural born right to go first. She’s just the greatest that way.

Prankster Pixie

Armed with her own brand of comedy, she’ll do anything for a laugh. Sadly, only she finds her self funny. Like a stand up comedian at a dry bar, her jokes come across worse than the cringiest of Dad Jokes. Don’t let her get too close, however, her devilish grin means business. Her practical jokes quickly get out of hand and you may find out the true horrors of the words ‘I’ve got your nose’!

Barter Pixie

After the King Rat jumped ship, the technocratic rat quickly followed. The Barter Pixie saw and took the opportunity of a lifetime. Trading in old dice for new shiny tokens, she is quietly accomplishing a mass of hard assets.

Hey, someone needs to finance all this, and she’s going to be the one skimming a little of the top.

Barbarian Pixie

Miss Muscle of the group, don’t let her cuteness kid you. She’ll tie you up into a pretzel faster than you can say cheese. Originally spawned with wonderful purple hair, her fury has flamed it all to a more brilliant hue.

Unsung Heroes: The Original

Unsung Heroes: Court of the Pixie Queen