Unsung Heroes is a story of a group of misfits trying to find their place in the world. Designed by lifelong nerds looking for good games to play with their non nerd family and friends. The Original and the Court of the Pixie Queen are fully interchangeable. You can mix up treasures from both sets and play as a hero from the original against a hero from the expansion. If you want, you can also shuffle the minions together and choose 4 to play. 

What People Say


If you like dice, you are sure to like Unsung Heroes. The game is packed with 51 dice, and in 4 player games, you will be using most of them. 

The game also comes with 4 player decks each featuring a unique play style, and minions to fight against. There is also a treasure deck for you to loot after beating each minion. 

Unsung Heroes is available for Anyone

We firmly believe that no one should not have access to good games due to the expense. Where able, we make our games available for download. We just ask that is you are not already signed up for our newsletter, you consider trading us your email for the cards =)

Also, to play Unsung Heroes, you will need a fair amount of 4, 6, and 8 sided dice. Sadly, we haven’t figured out a way for you to download these, but there are dice roll generators online to be used. 

How to Play

Gameplay is simple and straightforward. Play a card, gain a die or increase your score, and fight to end the round with the highest score. The winner gets a permanent powerup and treasure to help fight the King Rat!

Fight the King Rat in the last round, and whoever wins the last round wins the game!

The strategy comes in where you can play as many cards you want each round, but only draw 2 cards at the end of each round. Do you have what it takes to spend your resources wisely to outlast the competition? 

The Heroes

Each character has their own play style while being balanced in strength. If you are new to gaming, try out Wanda or Alfred. If you like chaos, look to Jerry. And if you like to plan in advance, Tilda is your girl. 

Alfred Nobelt

Alfred plays a very methodical and measured game. His cards give static bonuses that allow him to play for tiebreakers or achieve the win with little wasted effort. After all, it doesn’t matter if you have the high score by 1 or 100, you’re still the champ!

Wanda The Wonderous

Wanda goes big or goes home as only Wanda can do. Never mind who has the high score, Wanda’s cards give her dice, dice and more dice! The luck ever being in her favor, when Wanda rolls a 1, it EXPLODES and gives her another die to roll!

Jerry "Fatfingers" McGee

Whereas Alfred likes to pretend he has a strategy, and Wanda plays with a lot of dice, Jerry plays with your mind. His cards let him swap and reroll dice causing just the right amount of mayhem. 

Dr. Tilda O'Leary

Like any good hippy, Tilda is all about reducing, reusing, and recycling. Her cards let her play cards out of the discard pile. This lets her play her better cards to bait out her opponents better cards, only to reuse the same cards in a later round.

Make Your Own Card!

Design your own identity card and become part of the game! Choose from any character as a template and import your own image and add your own name!

Once designed, you can download it free of charge. 

Get The Expansion!

After the King Rat was defeated, the Queen Pixie seized her oppurtunity. Never letting a crisis going to waste, her band of pixies started terrorizing the local populace. A new group of misfits formed together to put a stop to the menace.

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